66th Annual Meeting

Join us for our 66th Annual (Virtual) Meeting on April 27th, 2022 @ 5pm.

Our Leadership Team

A solider carries a child on his shoulders while the child holds an American flag


For 66 years, making a real difference in the lives of our members has been one of our guiding values. And we will remain dedicated to that legacy for the future generations of Maine, providing opportunity and advancement through The Dirigo Difference.

Recent donations and sponsorships:

Ending Hunger

– $24,500

– $10,000

Special Olympics
– $1,100

United Way
– $1,100

– $3,000

Social Responsibility Project
– $5,000

Nomination Notice

February 1, 2022

Board of Directors Nominations

The Nominating Committee, consisting of Pauline Langelier, Bob Moore, Claire Bachand, & Phil Moreau, have placed in nomination the names of Michael Burke, Nikki Withrow, and Arthur Gregory for the Board of Directors at Dirigo Federal Credit Union for a three-year term.

Any member wishing to have their name placed in nomination must request, from the Nominating Committee, an intent to serve form and biography as well as instructions and forms for obtaining at least 220 supporting member signatures by petition.

These forms and petitions must be presented to the Nominating Committee no later than April 1, 2022.


Philippe Moreau

Nominating Committee