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Save big with Dirigo’s low auto loan rates, starting as low as 4.50% APR*.

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Lock down an auto loan rate as low as 4.50% or refinance your current loan for better savings. Our easy, straightforward loan application gets you on the road faster and headed toward bigger savings. Sticking with a local credit union means you’re keeping your money right here in Maine and getting local, personalized expertise from a team that understands your budget and goals.

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Mark P.

It was super easy to get my new loan setup with Dirigo. Great communication and they helped me at every step along the way!

Steve T.

I love the fact that my loan is serviced locally. I’m able to take care of all my banking in one place.

Ellen G.

I’m so happy with the rate I got at Dirigo! I looked all over and they were able to give me the best deal on my new loan.

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Serving Maine for over 60 years

You don’t have to drive far for big savings. Live, work, worship, or study in the following Maine counties? You can apply for an auto loan, and with accessible online and mobile banking, our members can bank with us from anywhere.

  • Androscoggin
  • Oxford
  • Cumberland
  • Franklin
  • Kennebec
  • Knox
  • Lincoln
  • Sagadahoc
  • Somerset
  • York
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With our online and mobile banking app, you don’t have to worry about adding a trip to Dirigo to the to-do list. Handle everything right online or from our mobile app. It’s easy, intuitive, and secure, and if you have any trouble, we’re always just a phone call away.

Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Travel Trailers (RV's) & Boats

YearMax TermInterest RateAnnual Percentage RateMonthly Interest
Payment per $1,000

Auto, Truck

2020 & Newer 847.20%As low as 7.27%$15.23
726.75%As low as 6.83%$16.97
606.35%As low as 6.45%$19.54
486.15%As low as 6.27%$23.61
366.00%As low as 6.16%$30.49
2019 Only727.65%As low as 7.73%$17.40
2015-2019607.20%As low as 7.30%$19.94
2015-2019486.60%As low as 6.72%$23.82
2015-2019366.25%As low as 6.41%$30.61
Max mileage 110,000

Motorcycle, ATV & Snowmobile

2020 & Newer
727.65%As low as 7.73%$17.40
606.90%As low as 7.00%$19.80
486.65%As low as 6.77%$23.84
366.25%As low as 6.41%$30.61
2019 Only729.90%As low as 9.99%$18.52
607.90%As low as 8.00%$20.28
2015-2019487.30%As low as 7.42%$24.14
2015-2019366.90%As low as 7.06%$30.90
Max mileage 25,000

Travel Trailers (RVs) and Boats

2020 & Newer1808.85%As low as 8.88%$10.07
1208.25%As low as 8.33%$12.31
847.75%As low as 7.82%$15.50
607.00%As low as 7.10%$19.85
486.25%As low as 6.37%$23.65
2015 to 2019848.10%As low as 8.17%$15.67
607.85%As low as 7.95%$20.25
486.90%As low as 7.02%$23.96
Individual loan rates may vary based on creditworthiness, loan-to-value, and loan terms.

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