Amazon Scam 2022

You might have gotten a text or phone call recently from Amazon Customer Support saying that you have some suspicious activity on your account. The most suspicious part in this scenario is the text or phone call itself.  Amazon is often impersonated by cyber criminals, but here are some tips to distinguish between a scam and the real deal.

how to identify an Amazon scam

Amazon will never ask for:

  1. Login Credentials
  2. Personal Information

Red Flags in an Email or Text Message

  1. Sense of Urgency
  2. Spelling or Grammatical Errors

how to avoid an Amazon scam

Any text message or email from Amazon that states you have won a prize or that states you have suspicious activity – do not click on any links. This is usually a gateway for scammers to gain access to your personal or financial information.

Take Precaution

  1. Avoid clicking on links
  2. Avoid following directions in the message
  3. Never give out personal information

Call Amazon directly if you ever have doubts about your account – rather than engaging with the text, email, or phone call.

what to do if you have been scammed

Contact us at 800-281-5435 to report the incident. If you see suspicious activity on your account(s) or have received a suspicious call, email, letter or other similar contact regarding your relationship to Dirigo Federal Credit Union, call 800-281-5435.

Dirigo Federal Credit Union will never call, email or otherwise contact you to request your access ID, password, or other login credentials for the online services we offer. If you receive such a request, do not provide any information.