Dirigo Platinum MasterCard

Take advantage of great rates and member-friendly terms with a Mastercard Credit Card from Dirigo FCU.

dirigo platinum credit card
woman holding credit card and cell phone

A Card Like You

Take advantage of great rates and member-friendly terms, including:

  • Special LOW introductory rate of 5.95%* for the first 6 months (180 days)
  • FIXED rates as low as 7.95%* APR after the introductory period
  • Travel Insurance
  • No Annual Fee
  • No-fee balance transfers

*For qualifying members based on credit-worthiness


Unsecured, Other Secured, & Credit Cards

Unsecured**Max TermInterest RatesAnnual Percentage RatePayment per $1,000
$5,000+729.75%As low as 9.84%$18.44
$5,000+608.75%As low as 8.85%$20.69
488.50%As low as 8.62%$24.71
$500+368.00%As low as 8.16%$31.41
Other Secured
$5,000+847.90%As low as 8.01%$15.59
$5,000+727.65%As low as 7.78%$17.43
607.25%As low as 7.40%$19.99
$3,500+487.00%As low as 7.19%$24.03
$500+366.50%As low as 6.75%$30.76
Share Secured
CD Secured
Term of CDCD Rate + 3.00%Variable
Energy/Emergency Loan (1 loan per member, $2,500 max)262.50%$39.56
Overdraft LOC
($5,000 Max; A+, A, B & C Credit Only)
Dirigo Platinum Credit CardRevolving5.95% Introductory Rate then As low as 7.95%2% of balance or $25
Dirigo Platinum Rewards Credit Card (A+,A ,B, & C credit only)RevolvingAs low as 9.95%2% of balance or $25
Individual loan rates may vary based on creditworthiness, loan-to-value, and loan terms.

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