DocuSign Issues an Alert for Copycat Hacking Tool

DocuSign Issues an Alert for Copycat Hacking Tool

What’s going on?

EtterSilent is a new document builder similar to DocuSign’s look and feel but is a malicious hacking tool. This tool creates documents, exposing a known Microsoft Office vulnerability, to deliver malware to your computer. Dirigo FCU is not directly affected by this, but here are some further details of EtterSilent that have been found in phishing emails.


Quick Tips

  1. Be Cautious of links and attachments in emails.
  2. Do not open emails from people or companies you do not know or trust.
  3. Avoid sending sensitive information through email (such as social security numbers or passwords).



Dirigo FCU will not directly reach out and ask for personal or sensitive information. If you have concerns or questions about an email or phone that you have received from Dirigo FCU, please feel free to contact us with your concern. 1.800.281.5435.

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