Maine’s credit unions are proud members of the Maine Council For Elder Abuse Prevention. We support efforts to prevent elder financial exploitation and other elder abuse in Maine. You can help! Download a brochure that identifies the warning signs and contact information if you suspect someone is a victim of elder abuse.

Senior financial exploitation and fraud is the illegal or improper use of a senior’s resources for another’s profit or advantage. Exploitation usually involves someone the senior knows, such as a family member or caregiver. Fraud is usually perpetrated by a stranger, such as a telemarketer or investment promoter.

The key to protecting yourself is information and protective action. Use this guide to help spot red flags of potential exploitation and fraud early on so that you can protect yourself. If you’ve been victimized, remember it is never too late to seek help!

Experts in elder fraud prevention believe that simple preventive steps can significantly increase your financial safety and decrease the chances you will become a target for financial exploitation or fraud.