Learn the #1 Tip to Avoid a Romance Scam

Learn the #1 Tip to Avoid a Romance Scam

The Lies They Tell

Dating apps and social networking have grown in popularity, and in return the romance scam has become more common.

  • The most common lie is that he or she is working, living, or traveling outside the U.S.
  • Their “occupation” may be a doctor, UN worker, or military person
  • They will normally ask for you to pay for travel or medical expenses, or even a debt.
Scammers want you to pay either wire transfer or reload cards because that is the quickest way to get cash and remain anonymous. 

Suspecting a Romance Scam?

  1. Stop communicating immediately
  2. Talk to someone you trust
  3. Search the person’s profile picture to see if another name is linked to it.

Reporting a Romance Scam

If you paid a romance scammer, contact the company or the bank you withdrew funds from for the payment, and notify them.
Dirigo FCU Contact Center:   1.800.281.5435     Federal Trade Commission:    ftc.gov/complaint


  1. Online Interest is Asking for Money = Scam
  2. Do not send money to a love interest you have not met in person.
  3. Talk to a person you trust and do not let a romance scammer rush you.
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