Save For Medical Expenses, Tax-Free

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a smart way to save and pay for healthcare related services and products not covered by your health insurance. Your tax-free account balance rolls over from year-to-year, allowing you to use your HSA as both an immediate solution and a long-term investment. If you are currently covered by a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), visit your local Dirigo branch to talk about opening your HSA today.

Why open an HSA?

  • Contributions to your HSA are tax deductible.
  • Your account balance rolls over from year-to-year and grows tax-free over time.
  • Personal contributions and your employer’s contributions will remain, even if you switch jobs.
  • HSAs earn interest and can be invested for additional income.
  • You can use your HSA funds to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by your health insurance (medical, dental, eye, mental health appointments, copays, prescriptions, etc).
  • Your HSA can be used to pay for medical expenses for your family, even if you’re enrolled for single coverage.

IRA & HSA Variable

TermRateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance
to Open/Obtain
Annual Percentage
IRA Variable0.30%0.30%$0.00
HSA Variable0.05%0.05%$0.00
Rates subject to change at any time without notice.
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