Think ahead.

We offer traditional Individual Retirement Accounts, so people can plan ahead for their future. These include Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs. Come in to see one of our friendly Member Service Representatives to learn more.

Traditional IRAs: contributions made into the account are tax-deferred until retirement

Roth IRAs: contributions made into the account after taxes allowing any distributions to be tax-free at retirement

Coverdell IRAs: Used as a way to save tax-free money for qualified education expenses

Relationship Pricing: Relationship pricing for IRA Certificates is available for aggregate certificate account balances over $100,000.

+.10%-not to exceed Jumbo Rates for the same term.

IRA Certificates

Dividend Rates Effective July 1, 2021

TermDividend RateAnnual
Minimum Balance
to Open/Obtain
Annual Percentage
IRA 6 Month0.15%0.15%$500.00
IRA 1 Year0.35%0.35%$500.00
IRA 15 Month0.40%0.40%$500.00
IRA 2 Year0.45%0.45%$500.00
IRA 3 Year0.75%0.75%$500.00
IRA 4 Year0.60%0.60%$500.00
IRA 5 Year0.75%0.75%$500.00
Rates are subject to change without notice once the account has been opened. Fees may reduce earnings. Stated minimum opening balance is required to obtain Annual Percentage Yield on all deposit accounts.
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